Welden launched in 2015 to bring a new vision of craftsmanship and creativity to the market.

Beautiful designs deserve to be beautifully made. This is what lies at the heart of Welden. It's what inspired boutique factory owners Cissy and Gary Chui and luxury handbag development expert Sandy Friesen to create designs that offer a modern interpretation of a unique and enduring craft.

The unique hand-weaving techniques developed by Welden artisans have been honed for decades and passed down from generation to generation. In an industry dominated by machines, the team at Welden was inspired to protect the legacy of this time-honored craft and the exceptional care and dedication of its artisans.

Welden handbags and accessories tell not only the stories of the women who carry them, but also those of the artisans who crafted them by hand. Producing fewer numbers of each style highlights the care and attention to detail that make them truly special. This emphasis on quality echoes the celebrated tradition of handcrafted design, lending an intimate touch to each creation.