Beautiful designs deserve to be beautifully made.
Each of our designs is created to highlight the personal touch of each artisan, which makes each handwoven style a true original.
Our Must-Haves
The Hexagon Weave
The Welden weave is a modern take on traditional woven patterns that took us over 18 months to perfect. We wanted to create a pattern that would stand the test of time, something distinctive that would enhance each of our designs, not distract from it. Our Hexagon weave is a modern classic, simple but striking. We hope you love it as much as we do.
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Our Values
Our Values Our Values Our Values
Simplicity. Authenticity. Originality.


Simple doesn’t mean boring. It isn’t the opposite of complex. The simplicity of our hexagon weave took hours and hours of experimentation with texture, pattern, and structure to achieve. It took us that long because simplicity requires cutting out everything but the absolute best, and we believe our designs should be as close to perfect as possible. Sometimes simple is more interesting than complex.


There is a fundamental beauty in the personal touch of craftsmanship. Our artisans have spent years honing their craft. It takes more than twice as long to make a Welden handbag as it does most designer handbags. Our artisans put their souls into their work, and it shows in the unique beauty of each Welden accessory.


We believe fashion should be personal, a way for each of us to express our originality. That’s why our signature hexagon weave is crafted by hand—it can’t be mass-produced by a machine. You’ll always know that someone put personal touches on a Welden handbag, making each one a true original. Because true style can’t be imitated.