There is legacy. There is quality. There is a craftsmanship. But most of all, there is beauty. A spirit of adventure. This lies at the heart of the Welden brand, the core that connects impeccable design with an inspired life.
Our Must-Haves
Lily Rose
Artist. Photographer. Model. We were immediately drawn to Lily Rose as the face for our Fall/Holiday 2017 campaign. At Welden we are inspired when separate parts of a whole come together to create interesting and textured patterns and designs. Similar to the lives of the women we admire, the elements of their lives are infinitely more beautiful and interesting when intertwined together.
Our Values
Our Values Our Values Our Values
Authentic. Simple. Woven.


Welden artisans have perfected the craft of hand-weaving leather over decades and across generations, bringing each design to life with care and precision. That each one is an original piece of artistry is what defines our legacy.


It requires unprecedented artistry to make something intricate appear effortless. There is beauty in this simplicity, one that reveals the attentiveness and care inherent in the sleek and uncomplicated lines of a classic shape.


At Welden, we believe the elements of our lives become more meaningful when they are intertwined to create something truly unique, and the same is true about each of our designs. Our signature hexagon weave is crafted using three strips of leather that come together to create a singular shape, exceptional details woven into one beautiful story.