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Young Summer for Welden

There’s nothing quite like those moments when spring first sneaks up on a retreating winter, ushering in that tentative, hopeful sunlight that promises the world will soon be awash in color. At Welden, these are some of our favorite moments, when the smart, sharp angles of cold-weather bags begin to give way to the breezy, natural silhouettes of summer.

Perhaps that’s why Young Summer was such a natural choice for our Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. It wasn’t just the name, to be sure, but the singer-songwriter’s pseudonym (real name: Bobbie Allen) certainly calls to mind the spirit of the season we’re so yearning for.

“I love the feeling that the beginning of summer used to bring, a feeling that anything is possible,” Young Summer mused. “We’ve all had that feeling—that summer would never end. And there’s something so magical about that time in your life, when the world is yours and you have the gift of time.”

This, she explained, is how “Young Summer” emerged, an epithet for a girl who is so representative of these moments and their limitless potential. During the shoot, it was her youthful energy that transported us from the chill of December (when we shot the campaign, in Connecticut) to the bright, beautiful days of spring and summer ahead.

As for our 2017 Spring/Summer line, Young Summer pointed to the Saunter Flap Satchel, with its classically beautiful silhouette, as a favorite. But, she was careful to note, it’s the sleek-but-roomy Wayward Tote she’d want to accompany her on travels that take her across the globe.

It is this spirit of adventure—and a desire to easily tote her most treasured items—that instilled her appreciation for a bag’s exceptional craftsmanship, and the pairing of functionality with beautiful design.

“It shows that love and detail went into creating each item,” she said. “I personally have not seen another bag similar to the design that Welden has created. Having a bag that’s beautiful and unique just makes every day better. That’s joy, really, to have the smallest details of your life electrified.”

We caught up with Young Summer after our shoot to chat about her experiences on set, her music and what she loves most about our newest silhouettes.

Tell us about your experience at the photo shoot.
It was so fun. Everyone involved was amazing and it was immediately comfortable, we were all instant friends. I’ve never had so much fun doing a shoot. Walking into the room with all the bags felt like being a kid in a candy shop. The designs are unlike anything I have ever seen.

What was it like to shoot on location?
The location was incredible. The house was beautiful, retro but modern. Each room and exterior offered a vastly different setting, which was incredible. We were able to get pictures that had different completely different aesthetics. It was brilliant.

Any interesting moments from behind the scenes?
It was December when we did the shoot, but you can’t tell from the pictures. The bags were perfect for giving that Spring/Summer vibe. I also got up at 3 AM to catch the first train to Connecticut, where we shot the campaign. I tried my best not to look tired!

What’s your creative process like? If you’re writing a song, where do you start?
It changes all the time. Sometimes, they kind of sneak up on me while I’m driving, and they especially like to come right as I’m falling asleep, so I have to record them in voice memos on my phone. If I’m in a session with other people writing a song, usually the melody will inspire the lyric. I have notebooks full of ideas that I always bring, but more often than not, once I hear a melody, brand-new ideas begin to come.

How did you first know you wanted to be a musician?
Music was always on in my house and I just thought it was normal to always be singing and making up songs. I just really wanted to share my music with others. It wasn’t a lightning bolt moment. I just wanted to be heard.

How do you approach your music? How do you approach style?
Similarly! How do I feel? What do I want to say? Those two questions are what dictate my music and my fashion, which leaves me with a great big palette to play with. They are both expressions of who we are and what we represent. Fashion is incredibly important to me as it is saying something without speaking. Fashion can elevate the experience of music and inspire music.

You travel a lot. Where is your favorite place in the world?

Young Summer’s new EP, You Would Have Loved It Here, was released in October 2016. Her first studio album, Siren, debuted in 2014. She currently appears in our 2017 Spring/Summer campaign.